On the killings of three Kurdish activist women in Paris

Dear comrades and friends,

There are no words that can express the sadness that I feel about this crime of terror that resulted in the death of three colleagues and comrades. I deeply regret the loss and I condemn this brutal action, while I at the same time require that the French authorities do their best to carefully examine who and what was behind these terrible murders.

This action was an attack on the peace initiative, but also on the women’s movement. The murders means that we have lost progressive forces that worked for peace and gender equality. These, and other, Kurdish sisters have fought and had a significant impact both on the struggle for liberation, but also in the process of finding a peaceful solution between the Kurdish guerilla and the Turkish state.

The Kurds are still paying a heavy price for their commitment to peace, but no form of provocation or assassination should be allowed to challenge the new negotiations between the Turkish government and PKK. Europe, and the French Republic in this case, must show no tolerance against these acts of terror. The French authorities should make every possible effort to find those who are guilty and condemn them.

All my solidarity and sympathy goes out to the families and comrades.

Amineh Kakabaveh



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