Aktuell protest till den turkiska presidenten

To the President of Turkey
Abdullah Gül

Respect the Human Rights – release Yuksel Mutlu!

Stockholm 2009-06-30

It has come to our knowledge that the Human Rights-activist Yuksel Mutlu, Foundation of
Human Rights of Turkey, is held imprisoned at the Bargana prison in Izmir. She was arrested
after that she had written a report about the incidents in Mardin/Mazidag, where 47 people were

She had spoken to relatives of those who had been killed, the governor of Mardin, local human
rights organizations, political and social organizations. Together with others Yuksel Mutlu wrote
a report about the killings in Zangirde-Mardin. Among other things Yuksel Mutlu had discovered
and reported how the so called village guards misuse their power.

After that the security forces started to put pressure on the organization “Women’s platform for a
feasible peace”, which also had been involved in the work with Mutlu´s report. The telephone of
this organization and Mutlus telephone was tapped by the police and the security forces.
After some time Mutlu was arrested, put into a cell for three day and then sent to the Bargana
prison in Izmir. All this obviously because her work defending Human Rights.

To reveal and report about bad conditions in a society is a right which belongs to any citizen in a
society and it is an important duty for an organization which is fighting for human right as IHD
and an organization like “Women’s platform for a feasible peace”. To stop them or hinder then in
their work, arrest them and put people fighting for human right into prison, is a violation of the
human rights.

We demand that Yuksel Mutlu must be released immediately.

Amineh Kakabaveh, Left Party of Sweden, Member of Parliament
Hans Linde, Left Party of Sweden, Member of Parliament



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